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Color : Multicolored


Trike Dinosaur Toy by ThreadBear Design

The Triceratops toy is a perfect gift for children, finished in natural linen fabrics of the highest quality. This cuddly soft toy is a beautiful addition to a nursery, and also supports important language and story-telling development with children.

Designed specially to be a keepsake toy, that is loved forever by little ones.

A good friend
They may look fearsome, but these dinosaurs can become your child's best friend, serving as valuable transitional objects and offering reassurance during times of change, separation, or stress.

Ready to play
When a soft toy is just the right size it can be both a companion and an actor in your latest drama. Gather a few and tell a story of your own making with small world play.

Emotional development
Soft toys can help your child learn about emotions and develop emotional intelligence. By caring for her toys, she will learn to express and process her feelings and learn empathy. Dinosaurs need love too!