About Us

My Little Thieves was born in 2015 when the news that we were about to become parents changed our lives forever. Now, as a mother of two little thieves who stole my heart and an avid lover of children’s fashion, art, and nature, I am embarking on a new adventure to create a unique online space where you can find the cutest and most uniquely curated and exclusive collection of children’s clothing, accessories, essentials, decorative items.

But why did we create MLT in a city with endless shops? Because our collection is oh-so stylish, playful, and most importantly, price accessible! I am on a mission to bring you designs and concepts for you as parents to love and for your kids to enjoy and feel good in.

My Little Thieves wants the best for your children, and isn’t that what we ultimately desire? Imagine a wardrobe that inspires them to imagine, empowers them to self-dress and encourages independence, individuality and confidence. That is my dream come true.

We hope My Little Thieves shares your values and I am so excited to be part of your parenting journey. Let us reimagine together what good fashion and design can do for our kids.