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Color : Multicolored


This sticker poster is specially made for the little ones! Funny sticker cat who dances, reads and rides a bike will make you fall for them. On the 3 cards, stick the stickers on the white spaces following the numbers.

Little by little, the sticker puzzle forms and the picture appears. Once completed, the 3 puzzles form a nice collection of small assorted paintings to give as gifts or to frame to decorate the room.

Contains: 1 educational poster (18 x 18cm) + 105 reposition-able stickers
This poster is suitable for children from 5 to 10 years and can be shared by several children.

This creative sticker activity has been designed to be used everywhere: in the car, in a restaurant… It’s a real travel game.

As for a puzzle, the activity in stickers can be carried out in several sessions.
The poster and the stickers are easily stored in the pocket. The poster can also be rolled to avoid creases on the stickers.
This activity can occupy a small group of children on a birthday or afternoon games (easy to set up, fun for all, even for those who are not manual, do not stain, help from adults are not essential). Even more fun than a puzzle!

Once the card collection is completed, it is intended to decorate the house.

You can hang the poster on the wall, in any room of the house.
You can also frame the poster, for an even more impressive result.