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An exciting education puzzle.

This Poppik 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle features Mythological Greek Figures, as seen on Poppik's sticker poster.  Find the most famous Greek heroes like Apollo, Hades and Hera.

We love jigsaw puzzles as a calming activity that the whole family can join in with, and this 1000-piece puzzle is a great gift for older kids and adults, too.

Suitable Age: 10 Years+
Completed puzzle size: 68 x 49cm
As well as a fun puzzle it is also a fantastic educational project for children and adults.

These 1000-piece puzzles are made in France. We have chosen a compact box to minimize our impact on the environment
The box contains a folded poster, representing the illustration in the same format as the puzzle. This helps to reconstruct the puzzle.
To make the game easier, unfold the poster and place the pieces directly on the poster. This is a trick that will allow younger children to participate.

With its 1000 pieces, this puzzle will be carried out in several sessions: it is left available on a table, and everyone collaborates at their own pace.
This puzzle takes a long time to complete: it's a challenge that allows everyone to have fun.
Once completed, the puzzle can be transformed into a painting by gluing on a frame.

French sticker art brand Poppik creates beautiful sticker mosaics on giant posters, fold-out cards and mini cards. Follow the numbered code and place the geometric stickers on the grid… slowly the image will appear! There are different sizes and activities to suit children from age 2 to 10 years+. A lovely creative activity that promotes calm and concentration."

Made in: China