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Color : Multicolored


Kids will love getting creative with this Avenir Crayon Activity kit!
With 12x leaf shaped beeswax crayons, the kids can colour in the 3D scene including stand alone characters.
When they're finished, they can play with the characters and use it all as a room decoration!

12x beeswax crayons (6cm x 3cm)
2x interlocking card scenes
1x sheet of individual characters
1x circular paper base (22.4cm diameter)

Suitable approx ages 3-8+


Go Picnic-Themed Coloring Experience: The Go Picnic Crayon Activity Kit immerses kids in the imaginative world of a picnic adventure. Children can embark on a colorful journey, decorating picnic scenes, outdoor fun, and delicious food with their vibrant artwork.

Child-Friendly Crayons: The kit includes specially designed crayons that are easy for little hands to hold comfortably. Young artists can confidently use these crayons, enhancing their fine motor skills and promoting a positive coloring experience.

Ready-to-Use Coloring Cards: The activity kit comes with ready-to-use coloring cards featuring charming picnic scenes, outdoor activities, and delightful treats. These cards offer an engaging canvas for kids to bring their picnic adventures to life with their colorful imaginations.

Safe and Washable: The crayons are made with safety in mind, using high-quality materials. They are also washable from both skin and clothing, making cleanup a breeze after each creative session.