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Color : Multicolored


Avenir Magic Water Painting - Riding & Flying is a coloring book in a practical package with handles, so you can carry it easily! Your little ones will stay busy all day! They can paint the pictures again and again, just by wetting the brush with a little water. Once the sheet dries, the color disappears for repeat fun! With the extra puzzles hidden inside the book, we promise you will never get bored!

Each book includes 6 reusable colouring surfaces and two sheets of repositionable stickers of themed activities and a refillable water pen. Fill the water pen with regular tap water, then draw to reveal the colour on the pages - it'll disappear when the water dries, then you can start again, just like magic!

To double the fun, we've added lots activities to further inspire kids' learning, exploration, and imagination! Easy take anywhere designs - Fabulous illustrations and styling - Painting with water means NO MESS - Play with reposition stickers and learn - Maze game - Seek and find


Practical and Portable: Avenir Magic Water Painting - Riding & Flying, comes in a package with handles, making it easy to carry anywhere. The practical design ensures that your little ones can stay engaged and entertained all day long.

Endless Painting Fun: Children can enjoy painting the pictures again and again by simply wetting the brush with water. Once the sheet dries, the colors disappear, allowing for repeat fun and creativity.

Reusable Coloring Surfaces: Each book includes 6 reusable coloring surfaces, providing multiple opportunities for artistic expression without any waste.

Repositionable Stickers: Two sheets of repositionable stickers with themed activities are included, allowing kids to enhance their learning and imagination while playing.

Variety of Activities: The book offers an array of activities, such as maze games and seek-and-find puzzles, to double the fun and further inspire kids' exploration and learning. Additionally, painting with water means no mess, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for both kids and parents.