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Bug-loving kids will have hours of fun with our Crayola Critter Creator Fossil Kit. With this cool craft kit for kids, they can build, paint, and fossilize more than 10 different types of bugs. Simply use the modeling clay and bug molds to create super-detailed dragonflies, spiders, hornets, lady bugs, and more. Once the bug is formed, kids can paint the clay creation, using washable paint in classic or metallic colors. This clay art kit also includes ten fossil cases that magnify bugs 1.5x, three bug stands, four sets of bug wings, and a reusable playmat with bug FAQs on it. Kids create, decorate, and then display! They'll enjoy their bug masterpieces for years to come. Ideal for ages 7 and up.

CRITTER CREATOR METALLIC FOSSILS Includes 1 Bug Maker Unit, 10 Bug Molds, 1 Pack of Clay (3 ounces total), 10 Fossil Cases, 3 Bug Stands, 6 Washable Paint Colors, 4 Specialty Metallic Paint Colors, 4

SAFE AND NONTOXIC Great gift for boys and girls, ages 7 and up

EASY ART KIT This simple craft lets kids create with modeling clay and Crayola paints. Following stepbystep instructions, they can customize their own fossilized bugs.

WASHABLE and METALLIC PAINTS This paint set is ideal for beginners with washable paints that wash clean from skin and clothes, as well as metallic paint colors

BUG ART KIT Build, paint and fossilize 10 bugs including dragonflies, spiders, hornets, scorpions, lady bugs, and more to preserve them forever