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This poster is in the form of a picture book. Under each picture there is a word, which allows the child to develop their vocabulary.

To paste the stickers, the child observes the silhouettes of the drawings. If they’re wrong, don't panic, the stickers peel off very easily and can stick back together many times.

With this game, child sticks several dozen large stickers on the poster in the locations indicated, carefully observing the silhouettes. Once the poster is complete, it turns into a “seek and find” game: the riddles are read and the child has fun finding the animal on his poster. A fun way to decorate your room!

Contains: 1 educational poster (100 x 68cm) + 52 stickers
All ages from 4 Years+


The sticker poster is printed on quality paper, very thick, without any folds. Place the poster flat, on a table or on the floor, and start pasting the stickers following the numbers. A bit like a giant colouring page or a puzzle, the funny animals poster is covered with drawings and colors.
The child is advised to be independent in the activity. It is an activity that encourages observation. If he is wrong, the very flexible and perfectly repositionable stickers will help him to redo without damaging the poster or the stickers.


Once the educational mini poster is finished, it is intended to decorate the house.

You can hang the poster on the wall, in any room of the house.
You can also frame the poster, for an even more stunning result.

Poppik is a French brand that invents activities to develop children's passions. Our flagship product? Large posters to complete with stickers, for all ages.

Poppik is a poster or cards to be made with tens, hundreds or thousands of stickers to stick on a decor. By following the instructions, we stick various stickers on the locations so as to gradually reconstitute a giant and colorful image. The process is very simple, the result stunning!"

Made in: China