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"Prepare to be amazed! The Poppik giant panoramic colouring sheet is not your average colouring sheet. Moving away from the traditional black and white sheet be inspired to complete your Dinosaurs colouring sheet by using the beautiful and bright colours in the background.

This is an absorbing creative project that's perfect for children 5-10 years. It strengthens visual recognition of colours and shapes, and fine motor skills.

Plus, it makes for a lovely calm moment of concentration. Once it's complete, it makes a super poster to hang on a wall.

Suitable for age: 4 Years+
Dimension: 22 x 31cm

Poppik is a French brand that invents activities to develop children's passions. Our flagship product? Large posters to complete with stickers, for all ages.

Poppik is a poster or cards to be made with tens, hundreds or thousands of stickers to stick on a decor. By following the instructions, we stick various stickers on the locations so as to gradually reconstitute a giant and colorful image. The process is very simple, the result stunning!"

Made in: China