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Color : Multicolored


The AVENIR Create My First Story Book - Cars will bring great pleasure and joy to the little one.
Large EVA mosaic stickers make it easy to create a work of art - just peel off the backing and select colors and shapes by following the logical prompts. Fasten the finished mosaics in a book with a string and the first book of stories created by your child's hands is ready! Tell fairy tales with the help of a mosaic and come up with the names of the characters with whom all kinds of adventures will take place together with the child. The set contains 2 mosaic sheets: 40x20 cm, EVA mosaic stickers +600 pcs., plastic eyes, 1 string and instructions.
Recommended for children over 3 years old.


Create My First Story Book - Cars: This activity kit is designed to bring joy and excitement to young children, allowing them to create their first storybook centered around cars.

Large EVA Mosaic Stickers: The kit includes large EVA mosaic stickers, which are easy for children to handle. By peeling off the backing and following logical prompts, kids can select colors and shapes to create their mosaic artwork.

Book Binding: After completing the mosaics, children can fasten them together in a book format using the included string. This gives them a tangible and personalized storybook created by their own hands.

Imaginative Storytelling: The mosaic scenes inspire children to come up with names for characters and invent various adventures that will unfold with the characters in the storybook. This encourages imaginative storytelling and creative thinking.

Comprehensive Set: The kit contains everything needed for the activity, including 2 mosaic sheets (40x20 cm), over 600 EVA mosaic stickers, plastic eyes for added creativity, 1 string for book binding, and clear instructions to guide children through the process. Recommended for children over 3 years old, ensuring age-appropriate play.