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Color : Multicolored


You can write your first name, or even a whole sentence. These letters are also ideal for decorating the house during an event.

"Happy birthday"
"Good night"
"Once upon a time ..."
"A big hug and sleep"
"Malo's room"
"Sweet Dreams"

It's up to you to find the words that will personalize your child's room.

The colors combine perfectly with a wide variety of children's room decorations


1 alphabet wall sticker (8 x 11 cm)
1 small geometric wall sticker

These wall stickers can preferably be stuck on flat surfaces (painted walls, windows, doors), but they are also suitable for placing on wallpaper. However, once glued to this type of surface, it is not recommended to peel them off because they may not be repositionable later.

On windows, preferably choose a surface with little sunlight to prevent the glue from the stickers to heat up for too long in the sun, which could make it less easy to remove later.

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